A Peek Into Reading Group

The last story we read was called Down The Road.  It is about a girl who gets to walk to the store by herself for the first time.  Her parents give her money to buy eggs and told her not to dilly dally and come straight home.  She gets the eggs and starts walking home when she comes to an apple tree and decides to pick apples for her parents.  She ends up dropping the eggs and breaking them. Her parents find her in the apple tree and talk it over, and end up deciding to make apple pie for breakfast instead.

During the readings, the students participated in different activities such as,  discussions, vocabulary exercises,  drawing and writing activities.

The kindergartners are writing about whether they would have gone straight home or have climbed up in the tree after breaking the eggs:

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

– The students will be listening to a story called The Tin Forest

– The students will be learning the vocabulary words: emerged, shoot, and rustle.

– The students will be participating in acting out a scene from the story, group discussions,  and choral reading.

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