A Peek Into Reading Group

The last couple of weeks we read a Russian folk tale called The Three Wishes. The story was about a poor man and his white who were granted three wishes by an Imp. They did not use their wishes wisely and ended up wishing sausages to be hung from the husbands nose! In the story we learned some new vocabulary words  trudged, useless, and slumped. The kindergartners were able to act out one of the vocabulary words, and had many writing and interpretive activities.

The kindergartners are acting out trudging through the gym.
This student is sharing his drawing of what he thinks the Imp looks like from the story.
The group is writing whether they would or would not wish the sausages off the man’s nose if they were the wife.

A Peek Into the next two weeks

-The kindergartners will be reading a story called Me First.

-The kindergartners will have discussions about the concept of going first and taking turns.

-The kindergartners will learn new vocabulary words: arguing, sprinted, and trotted.

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