A Peek Into Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

The last story we read in Reading Group was called Jamaica’s Blue Marker. In the story a little girl, Jamaica has to share her blue marker with a little boy, Russell even though she doesnt want to. The boy scribbles on her work after getting mad at her. The class ends up finding out he is moving, so they throw a good bye party. Jamaica doesn’t end making a card for him, and then feels bad about it, so she ends up giving him the blue marker he had borrowed.

Throughout the story, we discussed what we wondered about, what Jamaica was thinking when she gives Russell her blue marker, and how they would feel about giving away their blue marker if they were Jamaica.

 A chart we created for when we share in discussion.


The kindergartners are writing about whether they would be happy or sad about giving away their blue marker if they were Jamaica.

A Peek Into Next Week

– The students will be reading a poem about a cat who has no home.

– The students will learn about the speaker of a poem and what stanzas are in a poem.

-The students will learn the vocabulary words: silky, dainty, and elegant.

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