A Peek Into Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

These last two weeks the kindergartners have been listening to a story called Big Wolf and Little Wolf. Big Wolf meets Little Wolf and is a little curious as to why this little wolf would come under his tree. Little Wolf ends up doing everything Big Wolf does. Then when Big Wolf comes back from his walk the next day and Little Wolf is gone. Big Wolf realizes he misses Little Wolf and has an empty space in his heart without him there. Then, Little Wolf returns and they become friends.

The group got to share what they were wondering about while listening to the story, shared what makes a good friend, and even acted out a scene where Big Wolf gives Little Wolf some of his food. The kindergartners also worked together to write where Little Wolf went while he was away. Their story will be hanging in the hallway to check out!

These students are sharing their drawings of the wolves being curious about each other.

A Peek Into Next Week

-The students will be listening to a story about a girl whose classmate bothers her.

-The students will be learning the vocabulary words: grabbed, bother, and upset.

– The students will be continuing to discuss what they are wondering and share their ideas throughout the story.

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