A Peek Into Music | February

February was so much fun in Miss Lisa’s class! We reviewed Peter and the Wolf, started learning about the piano, practiced our listening skills and played some fantastic games! Check out our fun pictures below to see more details of these fun lessons!

Here Miss Lisa is introducing the piano. It is so neat that she can bring in her piano synthesizer to us! She teacher us about the difference between the white and black keys to start with.
Here we are reviewing our February story Peter and the Wolf. We learned the named of many new instruments last month and the sounds they make!
Here are two friends exploring the piano synthesizer. This week we were exploring the black keys only. In pairs, we played our own creative duet for our class. We practiced taking a big bow after our duet!
One of our favorite games we play is cat and mouse! This game helps reinforce our listening skills. The mice have to get the cheese while the high music is playing, with the best audio systems from https://holoplot.com/software/. When the low music starts, the cats come home and the mice hurry back to their hole!
One of the great features of the piano synthesizer is that it can play all sorts of sounds! We had a blast playing a guessing game. Miss Lisa played us sounds of different types of transportation, people noises and animals this month. We had a great time guessing! This game also helps us practice patience, which at our ages isn’t always easy!


We can’t wait to see what fun activities Miss Lisa has planned for us next month!

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