Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 9/26/22

Our Focus Lesson:

This week we studied pumpkins in preparation for our trip to Ramseyer Farms! We talked about the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin. We also tasted some more delicious treats – this time all pumpkin flavored! Using our 5 senses we determined that most pumpkin treats look brown, smell like pumpkin, sound like nothing, feel squishy, and taste delicious! Thank you again to all of our parents that donated special snacks to our class, we appreciate you!

Pumpkin Pie was definitely a thumbs up!
This Pumpkin Bread was absolutely delicious!
Everyone’s favorite part of the Pumpkin Roll was the cream cheese!
We wrapped up our 5 senses taste testing with Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms also learned about pumpkins this week! We sang pumpkin songs, danced pumpkin dances, read pumpkin stories, traced pumpkin shapes, and created a special pumpkin craft that you’ll see on the bulletin board very, very soon!

Kindergarten Lessons:

Our older Blossoms discussed where they live in the world with Mr. John this week. They learned that our galaxy is called the Milky Way and promised to bring Mr. John a Milky Way candy bar! They reviewed planet, continent, country, and state. They also practiced their address and completed learning how to form swing letters in Handwriting. Kindergarteners continued to grow in both Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop! They were sound detectives and practiced reading color words and number words with Ms. Kelley, while they worked on finishing their informational books in Writer’s Workshop with Ms. Tonya. Next week, our writers will read their books to the class and bring them home!

Enrichment Spotlight – Music with Ms. Lisa!

We have settled right back into our music lessons with Ms. Lisa. We have reviewed our vocabulary words of piano, forte, adagio, and allegro. We sang some of our favorite songs and marched around the room.

Check Out Our Handwriting!

Our Handwriting area of the classroom is full of tools to help us learn how to write. This week many of our Blossoms chose to practice Handwriting with the dry erase board. You’ll notice many different stages of Handwriting in a Montessori classroom. Our younger students will begin with the letters they find in their name. Once they are comfortable with that we will introduce them to their names in cursive. Our older students work on each cursive letter individually, and finally learn how to connect cursive letters to form words!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Preschool Lesson: Spiders

Kindergarten Lesson: Land and Water Forms

Letter of the Week: a, m, s, t review

Important Dates:

MONDAY, October 3, is Ms. Sam’s Birthday!!!!!

October 7 & 19: Bring Your Parent to Work Day!

October 28: Trunk or Treat!

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