Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 9/12/22

Our Focus Lesson:

This week we learned about what makes something Living or Non Living. We know that Living things needs food, water, and clean air. Living things also change or grow, can move on their own, and can reproduce. We really enjoyed thinking of all of the living things we know of and looking for nonliving things in our classroom.

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms studied “Me in the World” this week with Ms. Sam. We also made books to show where we live, from our planet Earth, all the way to our school.

We found “our Ohio” on the map of the United States of America!

Kindergarten Lesson:

Our older Blossoms were introduced to the continent of North America this week with Mr. John in Kindergarten Lesson. They practiced labeling the countries of this continent and the oceans that surround it. In Reader’s Workshop, the Kindergarteners continued being “sound detectives” to practice their reading skills. In Writer’s Workshop, our young writers practiced stretching out words like a rubber band and writing down the sounds that they hear!

Check out these writers!


Happy Birthday to our newest 5 year old!

What are we working on in the classroom?

Our Kindergarteners practiced building words with the Moveable Alphabet this week. We worked on “stretching our words out like rubber bands to hear the sounds!”
Our older Preschool Students worked with our Cards and Counters this week. They are doing a wonderful job counting out one counter at a time until they reach the number.

Teachable Moments!

Our Monarch Butterfly hatched this week, and we let him go on Tuesday. This butterfly is going to fly all the way to Mexico!
We were lucky enough to watch the Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department practice their skills at a house near our playground this week.

Peek into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Apples!

Kindergarten Lesson: Ohio

Preschool Lesson: The Farm

Letter of the Week: Ss

Important Dates:

Wednesday, 9/21, is PICTURE DAY! Bring your smiles!

September 30: Field Trip to Ramseyer Farm – wear green!

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