Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 8/29/22

Our Focus Topic:

This week we learned about Sunflowers! We discussed the life cycle of a sunflower, and loved learning that the sunflower grows the seeds in the center of the flower. We also found it very interesting that the sunflower will follow the sun across the sky. We talked about the parts of a sunflower, and one of our friends brought in a real sunflower for us to observe!

We used three part cards, also know as nomenclature cards, to discuss the parts of a sunflower. We were lucky enough to observe the parts on a real sunflower too!
Observing a sunflower and sunflower seeds with a magnifying glass in our Science area!
We wrapped up our Sunflower study by drawing along with Art for Kids Hub!

Preschool Lesson

Our younger Blossoms continued talking about the ocean and beach this week by reading books about the different animals you would find there and voting for their favorite sea creature! They also created name puzzles this week to practice name recognition!

Sharks were the favorite sea creature in the Cherry Blossom class!

Kindergarten Lesson

Our older Blossoms learned all about cardinal directions this week with Mr. John. They learned to Never Eat Soggy Worms and labeled the directions on their homework!

Reader’s Workshop with Ms. Kelley and Writer’s Workshop with Ms. Tonya started this week! Our readers were introduced to their Book Buddy Bags that will be filled with books and other reading activities for the children to work on. Our writers started writing books already! Their first book is all about something they know a lot about, most of the children chose their pets!


A very Happy Birthday to our newest 5 year old!

What are we working on in the classroom?

This Kindergarten student is learning how to write words in cursive. She began with individual letters and letter blends last year, and is now writing words that she finds in her reading work!
Our Second Year Preschoolers are working hard on their Quantity and Symbols with the Spindle Box. Most of these students are comfortable with numerals 0-5, so we are now learning 6-9 by counting out the appropriate amount of spindles and putting them in the correct section!
Our First Year Preschoolers are being introduced to our Practical Life and Sensorial works in the classroom. This student is using the Knobbed Cylinders to learn the descriptive words of thick and thin with this block.

Teachable Moments this week…

We found a grasshopper friend outside on the playground this week! We were able to observe the different parts of the grasshopper and watch him hop away!
One of our friends spotted this huge preying mantis outside of our classroom window this week. Ms. Tonya quickly ran outside to catch him so we could take a closer look! Then we let him go!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic: The Five Senses

Preschool Lesson: Emotions

Kindergarten Lesson: Hemispheres

Letter of the Week: Aa

Important Dates:

Monday, September 5: No School, Labor Day

September 21: Picture Day

September 30: Field Trip to Ramseyer Farm!

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