Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 11/7/22

Our Focus Lesson & Preschool Lesson:

This week the Blossoms studied Mammals. We learned the characteristics of a mammal – they are vertebrates, they are warm blooded, they are covered in hair or fur, they give birth to live young, and babies drink their mother’s milk. We talked about many different mammals, but focused on three. We learned the parts of a horse, the life cycle of a human, and had a very special rabbit visitor!

We discussed all of the characteristics that make this rabbit a mammal! We were lucky enough to watch him move around and eat. Our favorite parts were watching his nose and petting his soft fur!
This is Tito, the rabbit. He is the cutest visitor we have ever had!

Kindergarten Lesson:

Kindergarteners continued their study of telling time. They are now practicing telling time to the hour, the half hour, and the quarter hour. They finished learning how to write loop letters in cursive this week, and will be practicing more next week. In Reader’s Workshop, our young readers practiced rhyming and word families, and read books to Ms. Kelley! Writer’s Workshop saw the end of another writing unit, our young authors celebrated with an Author Share Day! They read their true stories to their friends, and we celebrated the details in their pictures and the words that they have written!

So proud of these young authors!

Book Share Fridays:

This school year we added Book Share Fridays to our weekly routine. At the end of each week one child is able to bring in their favorite book and their favorite stuffed animal. They tell us all about their special friend and then help Ms. Tonya read their favorite book to the class. We LOVE sharing these special stories with your child and can’t wait to keep Book Share Fridays going!

Elsa helped us read The Little Mermaid!
Guess How Much I Love You is one of my favorite books too!
This book had so many facts about African animals!
We had to turn the book sideways to read this cool book about soccer!
Ladybug Girl helped rescued dogs get adopted – what a wonderful story!

Peek Into Work Time:

This preschooler is using our Sound and Object Box to connect letter sounds to objects that begin with that sound. This work provides children a unique tactile element to their literacy work.
This preschooler is working with our Number Cards and Table Top Rods, with symbols not in order. This work connects the symbols and the concrete representation of quantity plus shows the child the quantities are the same but in random order.
This preschool wanted to build the number 1,444. He wrote out the number card himself and then composed the number with the Golden Bead Materials. The Golden Bead Materials are such a versatile component of the Montessori classroom as it teaches the names for quantities in each category (“unit”; “ten”; “hundred”; “thousand”), shows the relationship between one category and the next, offers the child the sensorial experience of the relative sizes of the categories (bulk), extends the sensorial experience of the different categories and the difference in bulk, for instance, between 6 units and 6 hundreds, and introduces the symbols for the quantities in the Decimal System

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus & Preschool Lesson: Community Helpers! (If you would like to stop in and tell us about your career, let Ms. Tonya or Ms. Sam know! We would love to have you!)

Kindergarten Lesson: Currency

Important Dates:

Wednesday, November 16 – Bring Your Parent to Work Day (all spots filled)

November 23-25 – No School for the Thanksgiving holiday

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