Peek Into The Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 11/28/22

Our Focus Lesson & Preschool Lesson:

This week our Blossoms learned about Reptiles! We learned about the characteristics of this animal group, the things that make a reptile a reptile! We know that reptiles are vertebrates, they are cold blooded, they have dry, scaly skin, they hatch from soft shelled eggs, and they breathe with their lungs. The reptile we focused on this week were turtles!

We learned the life cycle of a sea turtle. Egg, hatchling, juvenile, and adult!
We also used our Reptile 3 part cards to discover different types of reptiles. Did you know that there are over 8,000 different types of living reptiles in the world?
Another step of our Reptile study is to trace and label a turtle. This Kindergartener has used copy writing to label her turtle, but then also used her knowledge of writing in cursive to add additional labels!
This Preschool student is also tracing and labeling a turtle. This work reinforces the parts of a turtle while also strengthening fine motor skills.
One of our Kindergarten students brought in a reptile book from home and read it to the class! We love the opportunities a mixed age classroom provides!

Lighting the World with Kindness!

Check out our bulletin board this month! We’re recognizing acts of kindness throughout the classroom all month long and adding lightbulbs to our reindeer’s antlers! This student overheard Ms. Sam say how beautiful his metal inset designs were so he gifted her his work!

Enrichment Spotlight!

In Art Class, we made a tree using just lines. We worked on slowing down and getting our lines close together.
We then colored in between the lines we made using different colors of green. Afterwards, we’ll paint over our tree with water and create a beautiful tree painting!
In Music class, we are practicing for the Christmas Show!
In ASL Class, we learned how to sign “My name is”, and voted to call our class the Electric Wolves, which we can also sign!

A Peek Into Work Time!

These best friends are working with our Pattern Completion work. This is an important pre-reading work as it encourages logical connections and reasoning skills.
This preschooler is working with the Moveable Alphabet to create words using seasonally themed pictures. The Moveable Alphabet is a child’s first foray into writing, transforming thoughts into words. The child’s use of the material progresses from single words, to phrases, and eventually to stories. This child also took his learning a step further by choosing to write he words he sounded out onto the dry erase board.
Check out this Kindergartener’s hard work! Writing sentences in print and in cursive!

Peek Into Next Week!

We will be busy the next two weeks! We will be practicing for our Christmas Show, decorating our shirts for the Christmas Show, and creating special gifts for our families!

Important Dates!

Wednesday, December 14 – Rehearsal at Cuyahoga Falls High School 6:00 – 7:00pm. Students should arrive by 5:45pm. Not a dress rehearsal.

Friday, December 16 – Christmas Show at Cuyahoga Falls High School! Students should arrive by 5:30pm! Show begins at 6:00pm. Cherry Blossom children should wear their green shirt, black or green bottoms, and tennis shoes.

Winter Break – December 17 – January 2. School resumes on Tuesday, January 3!

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