Peek Into The Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 11/14/22

Our Focus Lesson & Preschool Lesson:

Our Blossoms discussed Community Helpers this week! We learned that Community Helpers are people in our community that help us or help others. We learned about firefighters, police officers, doctors, dentists, paramedics, counselors, mail carriers, teachers, and more! We learned how these people help us, what tools they use to help, and what clothing they wear in their jobs.

This child is sorting tools that community helpers would use!

We wrapped up our week of Community Helpers by helping others ourselves. We were very happy to participate in Operation Christmas Child. We discussed how there are children in other places of the world that either don’t have the things we have at home or won’t receive many items for Christmas. We learned that we can help those children through Operation Christmas Child! We packed boxes full of gifts for others and imagined all of the continents our boxes could go!

We hope these boxes we packed bring so many smiles to other children!
Inside of each of these boxes are basic necessities, toys, art supplies, and a special letter from one of our Blossoms. In the letter, our students told the recieving child what country they are from, their favorite food, and what they like to do for fun!
We are so thankful for our amazing parent volunteers!

Kindergarten Lesson:

Kindergarteners learned about coins with Mr. John this week. They even brought in coins from home to sort and count. In Handwriting, our Kindergarteners finished learning to write loop letters, and will be practicing writing words that contain loop letters next! Both in Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop, our Kinders learned about subjects and predicates. Our Readers learned how to find the subject within in a sentence and find the part of the sentence that tells what the subject is doing. And our Writers practiced “writing out the whole thought” in their new books, so that we can tell who and what happened within their stories!

Check out our Kindergarteners exploring different coins!


Happy Birthday to our newest 3 year old!

Brrrrr! It’s Cold Outside!

Our Ohio temperatures changed quickly this week! We will continue to play outside, weather permitting, as long as the feels like temperature is above 25 degrees. Please send your child to school with a coat, hat, gloves or mittens, and appropriate outdoor shoes each day. Hats and gloves can be kept in your child’s backpack! Thank you for your help!

All bundled up! We love to play outside, even in the cold!


A Journey to the North Pole Christmas Show will be Friday, December 16! (Rehearsal will be Wednesday, December 14!) The Blossoms will be singing about Christmas Trees! Your child will need a plain, long sleeve, green shirt , black or green bottoms, and tennis shoes. PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILD’S GREEN SHIRT TO SCHOOL BY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1. We will be decorating our shirts to look like Christmas Trees here at school and will return them to you the week of the show.

Peek Into Worktime:

This child is working with cursive booklets. We use this work to help develop fine motor skills and prepare the child for writing in cursive.
This child is working with the 100 Board, it is currently his favorite work in the classroom! We use this work to reinforce counting in sequence and recognizing symbols from 1 to 100.
This Kindergartener is working in her Primary Phonics Workbook. We use these workbooks as a support for the reading skills we are learning. This child is learning about “magic e” at the end of the word and how that special letter makes the vowel say its name.
These three Kindergarteners are working with the Square Chains that are found in our Bead Cabinet. This work reinforces the ability to count in sequence. It also introduces the concept of counting in multiples and skip counting.

Peek Into Next Week:

Focus Lesson: Thanksgiving and Gratefulness

Kindergarten Lesson: Measuring with a Ruler

No School on November 23-25 for Thanksgiving.

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