Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 10/17/22

Our Focus Lesson:

We learned about Trees this week in the Cherry Blossom Class! We learned about the parts of a tree and what each of those parts does for the tree. We know that the roots suck up water and nutrients like a straw, the trunk holds the tree up, the branches hold the leaves, and the leaves make food for the tree! We also know that trees start out as small seeds but can grow for years and years and get very big!

When learning the Parts of a Tree, we begin with the Tree Puzzle in our Science area. We practice the 3 Period Lesson while naming the individual puzzle pieces. The child can then use their pincer grasp to complete the puzzle, giving them a hands on experience.
The next step is to complete a Parts of a Tree booklet. The children color each individual part of the tree and then label them. This work offers the opportunity for tracing the word or copy writing, furthering the growth of their fine motor skills while learning to identify the parts of the plant!
As we continue to grow in our study of the Parts of a Tree, the children will then trace and label the plant on their own. This work continues to encourage the growth of their fine motor skills by tracing and writing, while continuing to enforce the parts of a tree.

Preschool Lesson:

Our younger Blossoms not only learned about trees this week, but they also studied leaves with Ms. Sam! They learned the different parts of a leaf – blade, veins, petiole, and stipules. Children observed leaves up close to observe the parts. We also made leaf rubbings and watercolor resist leaves.

Kindergarten Lesson:

Our older Blossoms continued their plant studies in Kindergarten Lesson with Mr. John! They studied trees, leaves, and flowers! In Handwriting, children practiced connecting letters together on the baseline to write words in cursive, this was very exciting stuff! In Writer’s Workshop, our young writers continued their work of writing true stories.

Enrichment Spotlight – Science with Mr. John!

Our science experiment this week was about density. Mr. John placed blue food coloring in a bottle of water, and then added baby oil. We shook and shook and shook the bottle to mix the water and oil, but they just won’t mix! Water is heavier than oil!

Peek Into Indoor Recess!

Playing Red Light, Green Light with Aspen!
We love to play Duck, Duck, Goose!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Fall!

Preschool Lesson: Halloween!

Kindergarten Lesson: Telling Time

Bring Your Parent to Work Day! –

Important Dates:

Friday, October 28: Trunk or Treat!

Friday, November 11: Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School for Students

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