Peek into our Week – Cherry Blossoms – week of 12/4/23

Our Focus Lesson: Amphibians

We wrapped up our Animal Classification unit this week by studying amphibians. What makes an amphibian an amphibian? We learned that amphibians are vertebrates, cold blooded, hatch from jelly eggs and that they have permeable skin (which means amphibians need to stay by the water because they drink water through their skin). We also learned that amphibians will live both in the water and on land throughout their lifetime and that they go through a big change called metamorphosis. We really enjoyed our Animal Classification unit! We’ll be revisiting these animal groups all year long as we learn what they’ll do now that the weather is cold, and what they’ll do in the spring.

The Christmas Show!

Our Christmas Show is fast approaching and we are busy preparing! This coming week will be a busy week for all of us, make sure your child is getting plenty of rest to prepare. Wednesday is our Rehearsal. This is not a dress rehearsal, but we will be walking through the entire program so your child is comfortable with the transitions and what to expect. Friday is our Christmas Show! Have your child wear blues, whites, or grays, a scarf, and rubber soled shoes (no heels or boots, please). Please have your child use the restroom before you drop them off with their teachers by 5:30pm!

A Peek into Work Time!

This Kindergartener is working with the Ten Cube Chain. Cube Chains allow the child to count multiples of numbers linearly.
This child is practicing quantity with her numerals out of order. We change the cards and counters throughout the seasons to keep this work interesting to the child. Counting small presents and placing them under the tree sure is fun!
This child is working with our Numbers and Counters. Not only is she practicing counting our the correct quantity, but she is also getting an introduction to even and odd numbers by visually seeing if each counter has a “partner”.
These preschool students are ready for cursive handwriting! They all have beautiful print handwriting, and are ready for a new fine motor challenge.

Peek into Next Week!

We will be spending the next two weeks enjoying our time together and learning about the Holidays that are celebrated this time of year. We can’t believe that it is almost time for Winter Break! This school year is flying by!

Wednesday 12/13: Christmas Show Rehearsal – arrive by 5:45pm

Friday 12/15: Christmas Show – arrive by 5:30pm

12/21: Pajama Day!

12/22-1/7: Winter Break! School resumes on Monday, 1/8

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