Peek into our Week – Cherry Blossoms – week of 1/29/24

Our Focus Lesson: The Skeletal System!

We began our study of the Human Body this week – beginning with our skeletons! Our skeletons are such an important part of our body since they hold us up, help us move, make our blood, and protect some very important organs inside of us. After this week, your child should be able to show you where their skull, spine, ribs, pelvis, femur, and humorous bones are. They can also wiggle their philanges! We put skeletons together this week, traced and labeled them, and created some extremely cute artist renditions of them!

Preschool Corner:

Preschoolers continued with their very big works this week! Our older preschoolers completed their Continent Maps that you can see hanging up in the hallway. They worked hard on these and it shows! Some of our other preschoolers tried new work activities for the very first time – like tracing a fish and completing 1-20 on the 100 Board! We’re so proud of them!

Kindergarten Corner:

Kindergarteners are busy in Writer’s Workshop! Our current unit is How To Books, and they are busy teaching their readers how to build snowmen, how to make hot chocolate, how to grow flowers, and how to be kind. Within the classroom, each Kindergarten chose a continent puzzle to trace and label as well. We’re getting ready for our upcoming in depth continent study that’s coming soon!

99 Days of School!

We are so excited to be 100 Days Smarter on Monday! Our class has been counting the days of school each day during Line Time. We practice exchanging when we get to ten units (ones) and moving them to the tens place. We practice counting by tens and ones each day. We can’t wait to rubber band all of those tens and move them to the hundreds place!

Groundhog’s Day!

We were so lucky to be able to get outside this week and introduce the concept of shadows with the sun! We learned that shadows are created by objects blocking the light source. We then furthered this study within the classroom using a flashlight and one of our geometric solids. We learned that the light needs to be behind the object to create a shadow in front of it. That if the objects gets closer to the light, the shadow gets bigger, and it gets smaller as the object moves farther away. We wrapped up our study by watching Punxsutawney Phil predict an early spring by not seeing his shadow on Friday!

Peek into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Internal Organs

Important Dates:

February 5 – 100th Day of School!

February 15 – Valentine’s Day Celebration

February 16 – No School – Teacher Inservice

February 19 – No School – President’s Day

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