Peek In Our Week +++ Thee Buckeye Room +++ Week Of November 14, 2022

Thee Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
Native Americans/Thanksgiving-  We talked about Native Americans and how Indians were named Indians.  On student informed us that Christopher Columbus landed in North America but thought he was in India.  Hence, the name.  We talked about how Native Americans were indigenous.  Then the Pilgrims came over from Europe on a ship called the Mayflower.  The pilgrims had a rough go of it at the beginning because they didn’t have enough blankets or food.  They could not just go to Target or Giant Eagle to get supplies because at that time there were just woods and wild life. 

A Message From Mr. John (It is officially hate xichigan week!):

Did you know?:
Human teeth are the only part of the human body that can not heal itself. Teeth are coated in enamel which is not a living tissue. Go to the 50 second mark and you’ll see Paul has a chipped tooth. If my memory is correct he was in a minor moped accident. Don’t ask me how I remember this stuff.

Know Your Languages (Hungarian):

Cultural Subjects: Your children can now count to ten in 17 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian )

Specials Spotlight (Science):

An experiment about Surface Tension.

Operation Christmas Child:

Children packing boxes/gifts for less fortunate children.
A parent volunteer entertaining students during packing boxes.

Peek In The Classroom:

She is grinding coffee beans so mom and dad can have coffee in the morning. This work is found in Practical Life.
The Pink Series is the first stage of this series designed to help children learn to decode words with short vowel sounds. It consists of 3-letter phonetic words in a CVC, or consonant-vowel-consonant, format. It is important to note that the Pink Series’ vowels are short vowels only and do not include “y.”
During inclement weather/inside pickup we sometimes do Cosmic Kids Yoga.
She is working on her continents. She will trace, color, and label.

Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Thanksgiving (not really… It is Buckeye Week!)

Letter Of The Week- No letter Of The Week

Rhyming Word Of The Week- No Rhyming Work Of the Week

Next Language is No language next week

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, November 23 to Sunday November 27 (returning Monday, November 28)

Christmas Show Rehearsal: Wednesday, December 14 at 6pm to 7pm (not a dress rehearsal).

Christmas Show: Friday, December 16.  Arrive at 5:30pm (take your children to the restroom.  Even if they say they do not have to go!)

Christmas Break: Monday, December 19 Returning Tuesday, January 3

Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme:
Currency – Identifying coins and bills

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Using a ruler (inches and centimeter)

Synonym Of The Week: No Synonym Of The Week

Sight Words Of The Week: No Sight Word Of The Week

Show me the money!

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

I am not sure. I did not ask. I did not want to know.
A lot of pink and a lot of sass.
You should have seen the other guy.
Just checking each other out, I guess.

Your Kids Say The Darndest Things (Donuuuts):

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