Peek In Our Week \\\ Thee Buckeye Room \\\ Week Of December 5, 2022

Thee Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
We are practicing our lines and practicing the songs for the Christmas Show.

Peppermint Candy Cane

Did You Know?
Urine used to be used as a detergent? Yuck! In the past, urine was used to wash clothes because of its ammonia content, which helped get out tough stains. Still, some people might prefer having a dirty shirt than one that stank of wee!

A Message Mr. John (What Is Different?):

Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 17 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian).

St. Nicholas Day (St. Nicholas visits the school):

St Nicolas Day is observed on December 6th. If you don’t know who St Nicolas is, you’ll more than likely still know of his American version Santa Claus, or the British version of Father Christmas. The latter two give their presents on Christmas Day, but this saint gives his out on the 6th. He left each child a Milky Way Bar in their slippers.

Grace and Courtesy:

A group of students welcoming new students to the classroom.

Peek In The Classroom:

This boy is working on Equations (addition) with the Stamp Game which is a Math material. This activity introduces the child to the stamp game which lets the child practice mathematical operations at a higher level of abstraction
This boyis tracing a puzzle of a plant. He will trace, color, and label the parts of a leaf.
Students reading to other students.
Working with patterns is used as a pre-reading activity children develop visual discrimination, tracking, and verbal communication skills. Mathematically, working with patterns helps young children to predict, discuss relationships and functions, and provides experience with symbols representing ideas.

Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Practicing For The Christmas Show

Letter Of The Week- No Letter Of The Week

Rhyming Word Of The Week- No Rhyming Word Of The Week

No new languages until the next year

Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme:

Addition with the Golden Beads (Dynamic/Carry Overs)

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Addition with other materials (Dynamic/Carry Overs)

Synonym Of The Week: No Synonyms

Sight Words Of The Week:  No Sight Words

Upcoming Events:
Christmas Show Rehearsal: Wednesday, December 14 at 6pm to 7pm (not a dress rehearsal).

Christmas Show: Friday, December 16.  Arrive at 5:30pm (take your children to the restroom.  Even if they say they do not have to go!)

Christmas Break: Monday, December 19. Returning Tuesday January 3

Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

Just randomly doing push-ups. Children need movement.
You should’ve seen the other guy!

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