A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | October 2017

This second month of enrichment classes has been enlightening as students continue to delve into Latin, Art, And Music. Each class is advancing from the fundamentals, and building on these skills by practicing with intent. This practice takes many forms in the classroom, including using text resources, painting, singing, and playing the hand-bells. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Art class, students began the month by creating a trifold material which outlined the Elements of Art; line, shape, color, value, texture and form. These trifolds were referenced all month not only when critiquing works of art, but also when creating their own. This month concentrated on the Spanish artist Joan Miro, warm and cool colors, and “action drawing.” Students investigated Miro’s works while referencing their trifold of elements. Over the month, they created their own works of art inspired by Miro while using patterns and warm and cool colors to bring them to life. By exploring and critiquing an artist’s works, students become more in tune with the elements the artist used as well as more cognizant of these elements in their own works. Finally, by producing a work inspired by an artist, students explore their own creativity and broaden the horizons of their own comfortability.


In Latin students continued their study of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, and the culture that surrounds them. This month included in depth geographic explorations in effort to tie together the culture, location, and historic events that shaped ancient Greece and Rome. This information, along with the ever-expanding list of gods and goddesses, was practiced through games of bingo, crosswords, word searches, and hangman. This engaging and low stress using lgd 3033 approach makes learning this ancient history welcoming and pleasant.


In Music class, students have been dedicating to carrying and playing the hand-bells. This includes walking with the bells, putting them back in their place, and playing them correctly. Students have been practicing Jingle Bells each week toward their ultimate goal of mastery. The picture above captures one of these practices. Along with these practices, students have continued working on reading notes on the musical staff and note identification by playing “Note Tic-Tac-Toe” and other musical games. Students are not only practicing the fundamentals of note reading and identification, but also the physical actions of playing an instrument.


This month included fascinating and immersive content which has progressed each student from the general to the specific. We can’t wait to explore what the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.

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