A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | November 2018

We are thankful for our Enrichments at Absorbent Minds! Your children are wonderful artists, performers, and inventors! Throughout the month of November the students have been learning new skills and having fun in all of their Enrichments.

Ms. Lisa has been working diligently with the students helping them prepare for the upcoming Christmas show. They practice the handbells every week as well as their piano and song selections. You are going to be blown away at their talent come December 14th.



One of the highlights of Art this month was that I had the opportunity to guide a class with the Elementary students. We had a blast creating ferocious creatures! If you haven’t already, check out the Elementary bulletin board when you pick up your child to see their creative artwork.



Discipuli autem gratias Latine! 

The students are thankful for Latin and the new things they are learning from Mr. Matt! Over the last few weeks the students have been learning new Latin words and phrases as well as learning to say what they are thankful for! It is awesome to walk by Latin lessons and hear the students perfecting their new language skills.





As December inches closer, look for more information and updates about our the Christmas program on December 14th. We are excited to share the student’s talents and creative ideas with you throughout this holiday season.

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