A Peek into Elementary Enrichments I February 2019

We love our Enrichments at Absorbent Minds! Your children have been busy learning new skills, refining ones they already have, and sharing the joy of learning with their classmates and Enrichment teachers, every week they come and gather around our classroom furniture to talk about what they have learnt.


Recorder practice has begun! Each week in music the students practice new songs and test for a new belt. Just like in martial arts, you can test for a colored belt while learning the recorder. Ms. Lisa works with each child to strengthen their skills and teach them new techniques and songs. The children progress through the curriculum during practice and test with Ms. Lisa each week to guide their progess. Each time they recieve a new color while testing they get to display it on the end of their recorder!


The Upper Elementary Class learning with Ms. Lisa


New songs are presented as the students progress to new levels! Do you think you could play this song on the recorder?


The Lower Elementary class practicing a new song



During Latin lessons in February, students have been learning about a variety of topics including different parts of the body, colors, myths, and mythical creatures.

Students immerse themselves in Latin. Mr. Matt provides the students with learning tools each week and offers them the opportunity to be as involved as each student is comfortable.

Learning Latin helps the students gain a better understanding of many new words, phrases, and language skills. It also lets them experience a different culture and history which can guide them to see how there are some things that make us different but much more that can connect and bring us together.


This 1st grader is learning about parts of the body in Latin.


Mr. Matt is explaining the Latin pronunciation of these students favorite colors. Each student was able to color code their informational sheets in order to help them remember what they learned at the lesson.


Students across grade levels are being read some of the most common Roman myths.

It is wonderful to observe an older student asking to read to the rest of the group as seen in the second photo.

Over the past few weeks the Elementary students have welcomed several Kindergarten visitors from both campuses. In the third photo you can see one visitor immersed in the story as Mr. Matt reads it to the group.

For follow-up work Mr. Matt assigned the students to research one of the mythical creatures introduced at the lesson. We are all excited to see what the students discover!



Art class has been filled with several new creations! Based on Holden’s screen printing advice to make cards, signs and more!

The lower-Elementary students refined their skills with paper quilting and foil printing.

The upper-Elementary students have been paper-quilting, designing and painting  their own bookmarks, and exploring creating textures with geometric shapes. Here is a peek at some of their designs.





The students let out a ton of energy with Mr. Glen during Gym class. It’s no mystery why we save gym class for Friday!

Friday’s are reserved for student-teacher conferences so having gym in the morning helps the students re-focus their day and end their week on a positive note.

The Elementary class likes to let lose and have some fun in Gym!

Dodgeball is always a favorite for the Elementary class!

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