A Peek into Elementary Enrichments I December 2018

December has been filled with joy and excitement in the Elementary classroom! For all of you that attended our annual Christmas show, thank you!

Ms. Lisa and the bell choir wowed us with their talents! The piano soloists also showed how hard the student’s have been working this year. One of  the best parts of the practices was seeing how supportive the students were towards each other. Several times I walked into the Enrichment room and would find a few students gathered around the piano listenting intently to another student practicing their piece. It is is joy to see the students encourage one another.

Everyone had tons of fun making the show a wonderful success!


The student’s will resume their music classes and piano lessons with Ms. Lisa the week they come back from Christmas break.


This month we welcomed out new art teacher, Ms. Dayna. She has presented several creative seasonal projects to the students that helped them get into the holiday spirit!

Elementary students observed several christmas bulbs and illustrated their findings on black paper using oil pastels.

They also exlored printmaking with tempera paints. They used foam stickers to create patterns for some ugly sweater stamps.

Lastly, all students made paper ornaments to take home for the holidays.

These students are displaying their oil pastel ornament paintings.


Check out the bulletin board displayed at the entrance. Here you can take a look at the wonderful art work the students have been creating!








The students are loving Latin! Each week Mr. Matt brings a creative lesson for the students to learn a new Latin skill.

Most recently, the students learned how to sing two popular Christmas songs in Latin. See if you can guess the songs!



Mr. Matt also brought in a few books that showed the students pictures of the city of Pompei, the ruins of Mt. Vesuvius, and Caecilius, who lived in at the time of the volcanic eruption.



We are very thankful for the clever and imaginitive minds that we see our students display each day. Our enrichment classes serve as catalysts to the outside world for each child. The echrichment classes are times the students can vere away from their lessons and daily tasks to explore new areas of interest alongside their peers. It is amazing to see their new creations in art each week, their musical talents develop with Ms. Lisa, and their language skills progess with Mr. Matt! Thank you for sharing them with us each day! It has been a remarkable first half of the year and we are looking forward to the second half!

See you next year!


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