A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | December 2017

December was an exciting month for everyone here in the Elementary Classroom. December is my favorite month because of winter, I always love to take a good cup of coffee while reading the best Midas Letter Stock News. This excitement carried over into all the enrichment classes as students prepared for the Christmas show and the holiday season. To get an in-depth look into the students’ enrichment experiences, I asked to interview several students, and they were more than eager to share their thoughts on the many elements of Music, Latin and Art. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

When asked about Art class, one student was excited to share, “The stained glass windows were really fun. We got to use water colored pencils then paint them with water. I have never used water colored pencils before. They went on to say, “Miro was the most difficult. It was harder because the paper was very big and it had to be filled. It turned out very good though.” Another student agreed, saying, “I liked when we did the stained glass window project because you got to use these colored pencils, then add water to them to make them water colors. I am proud of this art work.” Students work on these pieces for multiple weeks, and follow all the steps of planning, drafting, polishing, and presenting. These and other works have been presented in our hallways over the past months.
It is obvious the students thoroughly enjoy Latin class. A student said, “My favorite thing in Latin is when we research Roman gods because they are very interesting and they have powers. And at the end of Latin, we always play a fun game.” In a different interview, a student added, “My favorite part is learning about the gods and the games we play. Zeus is my favorite god because he’s like the captain. We made New Years cards from our favorite gods. We’ve also sang songs, like happy birthday in Latin.” Students have also learned other traditional holiday songs in Latin class. Latin class encompasses a broad spectrum of history and culture, and presents the information in a way that is relative to the students’ every day life.
The Elementary students are passionate about Music class and everything it has to offer. One student excitedly shared, “Bells are my favorite thing to do in music. I am high C. I don’t have a favorite song because they are all so much fun to play. I had a great time using the bells at the Christmas show! I’m very excited to start using the recorders again; it’s my favorite thing to do in music.” They went on enthusiastically, “I also want to say that Ms. Lisa has been doing a great job teaching us music. She teaches us a lot of songs.” A second student added, “I like all the instruments we get to play, especially the recorder. We get a different ‘belt’ every time we master a song. If you get to black belt, you are really good at a lot of songs. I also really enjoy playing the piano for the class!” In Music class, students are learning music fundamentals and theory, as well as practical application and presentation of practiced musical pieces. This combination helps each student practice the foundations of music in both written and expressive ways.

December may have been a shorter month, but it was certainly made up for in content and energy. All the students worked exceptionally hard in their enrichment classes to create unique works and present what they had learned to others. Every student is looking forward to a wonderful holiday and we hope they return empowered with new ideas, creativity, and momentum in 2018 for the upcoming seminars on online trading in their Computer and Technology subject which can be viewed on http://www.borse.pro/trading-online?amp. Until then, see you next year! Modern States offers comprehensive courses endorsed by the college board to help you increase your mastery of the material covered on each exam, completely free. If you’re taking just one or two CLEP prep exams, consider purchasing individual exam guides.

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