A Peek into Elementary Enrichments I April 2019

Spring is here! We are excited for all the new opportunities Spring brings even if that includes a ton of rain!

Throughout the week, I get to glance in on all of the Enrichments that take place at Absorbent Minds and see the smiling faces of our dancers, the concentration on the our students perfecting a design in Art and the beautiful sounds coming from class with Ms. Lisa.

Below are a few snap shots of what our Enrichements have consisted of over the past several weeks! As you enter the building at drop-off or pick-up, we hope you can take a moment to admire your child’s talent on the bulletin boards that line our entrance hallway!




These students are working diligently on their tessallation projects. 

Each child chose their own pattern then carefully recreated it resulting in beautiful ongoing pictures. 

Finally, they were able to choose whether or not they wanted to add color to their desigs. Some used water color paints. Others chose to add dimension by drawing patterns withing their shapes. We observed for several weeks how each student took their time to create their perfect tessallation. 




Here are a few finished products! 




Having fun with designing their names in chalk! 



I had the joy of listening to this student play me her International Festival piano piece. She already has it committed to memory! 


Practicing with Ms. Lisa 




Swimming through their moves to “Baby Shark”!


Last day of dance with Ms. Elisabeth. The dancers love to strike a pose : )

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