A Peek into our Academic Enrichment for kindergartners | Cuyahoga Falls Campus

Academic Enrichment Group Time | kindergarten
with Mr. John
During our Academic Enrichment time with our kindergarten students over the past few weeks we have been learning about the seven continents, cardinal directions, and hemispheres.

The strangest thing happened to my Kindergarten Students. They all grew “pencil mustaches”!!!!!!

Next week we will be covering  North Americas and surrounding bodies of water (Pacific Atlantic Ocean, Hudson Bay,  Gulf of Mexico and the Great lakes).


Handwriting/Journaling | kindergarten
with Ms. Kristen

In Handwriting the past few weeks, the children have been practicing form drawing in preparation for writing in cursive. The children have also been working on forming the letter A and B and have been practicing forming simple words that begin with those letters. They are so excited to begin their journey into the world of cursive handwriting!


Reading Group | kindergarten
with Ms. Kate

We had such a wonderful first week with our Reading Club called Junior Great Books. When we have our group meetings twice a week your children will be engaging in complex literature, high level thinking activities, and student centered discussions. This week we started the story called Cornelius. We started out by sharing our thoughts about the story. We also has so much fun acting out a part in the story that highlighted the word proud. They had the best time. Every few weeks we will share a few things your child learned in our Reading group. Stay tuned!


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