A Peak into Reading Group

The last story we read is called Me First. It was about two siblings that always wanted to win and be first. By the end of the story they end up helping each other and stop arguing. The kindergartners continued to practice reading along with the purple highlighted sentences. We had a discussion with interpretive questions about the story. Such as, “Why did the kids stop arguing amd start cooperating by the end of the story.” These discussions help the students to delve deeper into the meaning of the story and analyze the characters actions.¬†Many people like reading books but rarely anyone likes doing book reports. Here is a site that helps out kids in elemntary schools in the Balkans – LEKTIRE, book reports are concise but very helpful.

The students are writing down what they were wondering about after hearing the story for the first time.


Sharing why Martha helped clean the cob webs off of Hal.
Sharing drawings with each other.


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