October, 2016

Kate Case

What I will learn at school this month in Ms. Kate’s Class…

Themes of the Week (in addition to Montessori Work time)

09/03: All About Apples

  •  Johnny Appleseed
  •  Life cycle of an apple
  •  Apple graphing, apple tasting and cooking with apples

Afternoon lessons:

  • Reviewing the letter “Ee”
  • Baking with Ms. Ame
  • Making different apple crafts

10/10: Autumn

  •   Why do leaves change color? Science experiment
  •   Charting what colors we find. Nature walk
  •   Having fun with leaf rubbings
  •   Singing songs about fall

Afternoon lessons:

  • Reviewing the letter “Ff”
  • Fall crafts
  • Fall songs
  • Reviewing calendar and weather

10/17: Pumpkins

  •   Life cycle of a pumpkin
  •   Using our five senses
  •   Sink or float with pumpkins
  •   Pumpkin investigations
  •   Pumpkin songs and finger plays

Afternoon lessons:

  • Reviewing the letter “Gf”
  • Pumpkin science experiment
  • Fun fall crafts

10/24: Halloween

  •  History of Halloween
  •  All about spiders
  •  Halloween safety
  •  Field Trip to the Pumpkin Farm!

Afternoon lessons:

  • Reviewing the letter “Hh”
  • Reviewing calendar and weather
  • Halloween crafts
  • Halloween songs


Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

  • 10/03: Ee
  • 10/10: Ff
  • 10/17: Gg
  • 10/24: Hh


Rhyming Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.

  • 10/03: cat
  • 10/10: red
  • 10/17: mat
  • 10/24: boo


Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

  •   While reading a book have your child point to all of the letter of the week she/he can find. Have them do this with the rhyming words as well. Play I‐Spy using things that only start with the letter of the week/ rhyming words.
  •   Go apple picking! Cut an apple in half and create apple prints. When you cut an apple, count together to see how many seeds there are. Every day you can create a new apple dish (applesauce, baked apple crisps, apple pie, etc.) Enjoy the Fall!
  •   Visit a pumpkin patch and bake pumpkin seeds together!
  •   Go on a “Fall Walk” together. Talk about what colors you see, the sounds you hear, and what the air smells like. Collect leaves and take them home for a leaf rubbings. Go to a pumpkin patch and find a pumpkin together. Guess how many seeds are in‐ side your pumpkin. When you clean out the pumpkin count the seeds together.

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