March, 2017

Kate Case

What I will learn this Month in Ms. Kate’s class:

Themes of the week | Classroom group lesson time (in addition to individual Montessori Work time)

2/27:      Dr. Seuss Week

  • Reading The Cat and the Hat; having fun making our own hats.
  • Reading Fox in Sox; creating a silly sock graph
  • Green eggs and Ham; taste test and graph
  • Read Put Me in the Zoo; create one of the characters
  • Graphing our favorite book

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts, and Dr. Seuss activities.

3/6:          My Five Senses

  • Sight- play a fun take away game
  • Sound- guess that sound game
  • Taste- taste test
  • Touch- a fun hand-print craft
  • Popcorn game using all of our five senses

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of fun and engaging activity and crafts on the five senses

3/13:       Art Appreciation

  • Monet- oil pastels
  • Van Gough- creating sunflowers
  • Richard Shilling- nature and earth art
  • Creating sculptures with clay
  • Splatter painting with Jackson Pollack
  • Saturday, March 18th: Mother/Son, Father/Daughter Dance 2-4

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be teaching all about the famous artists, and doing a varirty of crafts and activities on this subject.

3/20:       All About Spring

  • All about the four seasons
  • Animal moms and their babies
  • Life cycle of chicks
  • Parts of the flower
  • PJ day and show and tell

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts, books, and lessons on spring

3/27-3/31:    Spring Break

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

2/27: Ss

3/6: Tt

3/13: Uu

3/20: Vv

Rhyming Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.

2/27: green

3/6: yum

3/13: art

3/20: tree

Things to do at home this month to reinforce our themes:

  • Take a nature walk and collect different things you see. Come home a create a piece of art with all of your nature treasures!
  • Visit a farm and see all of the baby animals. You could also bring a journal and write and draw all of the animals you see.
  • Try to spot any of our rhyming words in Dr. Seuss books
  • Be adventures and try a new meal or snack together.

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