December, 2014

Kate Case

Themes of the Week (In addition to Montessori Work Time)

12/01 Christmas around the World

  • Taking a look at the Christmas traditions in Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, and England
  • The legend of the Poinsettia, tradition of the Christmas Tree, Le Reveillon (traditional Christmas Eve meal) and many other traditions.
  • How to say “Merry Christmas” in different languages

Afternoon group lesson: Ms. Ashley will be offering crafts, games and activities to enhance the children’s understanding of traditions around the world.

12/08 All about giving.

  • This week we will be doing a variety of activities that teach the children about the act
  • of giving. These activities include: wants vs. needs collage, a giving circle time
  • activity, the construction on a “lovie” blanket and sending it to Children’s Hospital,
  • talking about the importance of donations and lastly, we will be writing and drawing
  • letters to send to a nursing home.

Afternoon group lesson: Ms. Ashley will be providing a variety of holiday crafts.

12/15 Holiday Crafts

  • We have planned fun Christmas themed crafts and activities (Letters to Santa, Gingerbread houses, Reindeer hats and much more!)
  • Ashley will be focusing on making holiday ornaments, telling classic Christmas stories, and having fun at movie & PJ day!


Christmas Show Rehearsal (not a dress rehearsal)
Wednesday, December 17th 6:00– 7:00pm
Cuyahoga Falls Hgh School
431 Stow Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221

Christmas Show
December 19th 6:30pm
Cuyahoga Falls High School
431 Stow Ave. Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221

 **  All students arrive by 6:00pm
** Doors will open at 6:00pm


12/22—1/4 Christmas Break—School Resumes Monday January 5th


Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

  • Make cookies together. Deliver them to your friends, families and neighbors.
  • Practice the spirit of giving or donation.
  • Sing Christmas Songs together!

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