October, 2016

Courtney Owens

What I will learn this month in Ms. Courtney’s Class

(In addition to Montessori Work Time)

10/3: Leaves

  • The students will observe the differences in leaf shape.
  • The students will observe the different fall colors and the fun we can have with leaves.
  • The students sort a variety of Fall objects.
  • The students learn different textures and identify them.

10/10: Apples

  • The students will describe an apple using all of their sense.
  • The students will discuss the shapes apples come in.
  • The students will taste test red, green, and yellow apples.
  • The students will explore the inside of an apple.

10/17: Pumpkins

  • The students will identify feeling words such as happy, sad, scared, etc.
  • The students will guess and count how many seeds are in a pumpkin.
  • The students will practice measuring to make a treat.
  • The students will practice team work.

10/24: Bats

  • The students will learn about the life cycle of a bat.
  • The students will research facts about bats.
  • Halloween party (October 28th)

10/31: Body Parts

  • The children will be able to identify specific body parts (Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes).
  • The children will start to develop body awareness.

Letters of the week

10/3: Ee
10/10: Ff
10/17: Gg
10/24: Hh
10/31: Ii

Sight word of the week

10/3: But
10/10: Can
10/17: Me
10/24: I
10/31: Go

Things to do at home this month to reinforce our themes:

  • Go on a family walk to see how many different kinds of leaves you can find together.
  • Take a trip to an apple orchard.
  • Make homemade applesauce from your child’s favorite apple.
  • Bake pumpkin seeds.
  • Take a trip to a pumpkin patch.
  • Research other nocturnal animals.

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