February, 2015

Courtney Owens

Themes of the week for the month of February (In addition to Montessori Work Time)

2/2: Farm Animals

  • The children will learn about different farm animals
  • The children will discover all of the products that come from farm animals
  • The children will understand all of the responsibilities of a farmer

2/9: Pets/Valentine’s Day

  • The children will learn about a variety of pets
  • The children will learn about caring for a pet
  • We will discuss the differences and similarities between different pets

2/16: Presidents

  • The children will learn how Washington was a great man, the father of our country, who led in war and peace
  • The children will discover that Abraham Lincoln is on the penny
  • The children will talk about what life is like for the Obama family in the White House
  • Monday, February 16th President’s Day- NO SCHOOL

2/23: Dental Health

  • The children will practice teeth brushing using an egg soaked in tea
  • The children will see how a little hole in your teeth can get pretty unpleasant on the inside by watching how a hole in an apple rots
  • The children will talk about what foods are good and bad for their teeth

Letters of the week

2/2: Qq

2/9: Rr

2/16: Ss

2/23: Tt

Things to do at home this month to reinforce our themes:

  • Take a trip to a local farm
  • Allow your child to help care for your pet
  • Take a trip to McKinley Presidential Library & Museum
  • Take your child to watch you get a dental checkup
  • Find objects around the house that start with the letter of the week

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