May, 2015

Courtney Owens

Themes of the week (In addition to Montessori Work Time)
5/4: Solar System
• The children will learn the positions of the Planets and their relative sizes and distances.
• The children will discover why and how Earth is distinctive.
• The children will learn the role of the Sun.
• The children will learn the terms rotation, revolution, and orbit.
• The children will be able to name the planets in the Solar System and the order they are in.

5/11: Dinosaurs
• The children will be able to identify dinosaurs by name.
• The children will recognize the different physical attributes of dinosaurs.
• The children will demonstrate understanding of herbivores and carnivores.
• The children will compare and contrast dinosaurs to modern animals.
• The children will demonstrate understanding of fossils.
• The children will identify that museums are places in communities where artifacts can be viewed.

5/18: Transportation
• The children will become familiar with what transportation is: to carry things from one place to another.
• The children will learn the different methods of travel.
• The children will learn the safety rules for all methods of transportation.

5/25: Sports
• The children will work on gross motor skills by marching, skipping, galloping etc.
• The children will gain the skills needed to engage in imaginative and creative play indoors and outdoors, involving others.
• The children will develop team work with peers.

6/1: Welcome Summer
• The children will learn some outside summer games and activities.
• The children will experiment with water.
• The children will learn about summer safety.

Letters of the week
5/4: Aa
511: Ee
5/18: Ii
5/25: Oo
6/1: Uu

Things to do at home this month to reinforce our themes:
• Visit a local museum.
• Take a walk and see how many different forms of transportation you can spot.
• Go to a baseball game.
• Look at the sky with a telescope at night.

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