John’s Corner – May 2014

Cuyahoga Falls School

We started May with food chains, yum yum eat ’em up……we went over 2, 3, 4, 5 part food chains. We learned terms such as predator and prey, and top and bottom of the food chain.

We then went over the seasons and the typical characteristics of those seasons. Spring usually rains a lot and starts getting warmer as we leave winter. We see greener plants and leaves on the trees. Flowers also start to bloom. Summ1190er gets much warmer, flowers are in full bloom and most babies in the wild are born. As the year gets older we move into fall or autumn.
The temperature starts to get colder and leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Winter brings us very cold temperatures and snow. Many animals hibernate or go to warmer climates.

Our little astronauts explored the solar system. We learned Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, Venus is the second planet and is the hottest, Earth is very special to us, Mars is called the Red Planet, Jupiter is the largest planet, Saturn has beautiful rings, Neptune and Uranus are the furthest planets in our solar system.


We learned about safety our last week and I STRESSED to stay by their safe side adult!!!!!!! I mentioned to the students that I told my own children “If I cannot see you…. YOU are in the wrong place!!!”


1188In kindergarten lesson we finished our work with grammar. We went over the preposition which is a ‘where’ word not a ‘where’ wolf. Interjections help a sentence show more emotions, and we went over when to use a . ? ! We then reviewed when we capitalize words in a sentence. We capitalize the beginning word of a sentence, proper nouns and “I”.

Cultural Subjects
My line time and the kindergarten class count to ten in 26 different languages (English, Sign Language, German, French, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Tagalog, Polish, Irish, Welsh, Hebrew, Arabic w/the Lebanese dialect, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish, Swahili, Korean, Serbo-Croation, Hindi, Flemish/Dutch, Malay, Cebuano, Latin, and Hindi)!

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