January, 2016

Kate Case

What I will learn in Ms. Kate’s class

Themes of the Week (in addition to Montessori Work Time)

1/04: Whales

  •   Facts about Whales and different types of Whales
  •   Create a Whale Chart
  •   How do Whale’s float? “Staying Afloat” Science experiment on density

1/11: History of Martin Luther King Jr.

  •  How we are similar and different (hair color, eye color etc.)
  •  Egg experiment (brown egg vs. white egg) discuss their differences on the outside– discover how they are the same on the inside.
  •  How we treat others equally‐ using different activities and stories
  • Friday 1/15 NO SCHOOL | Teacher In Service Day

1/18: Polar Pals

  •   Monday 1/18 ‐NO SCHOOL (MLK Day)
  •   The Arctic Climate, Map of the Arctic
  •   Exploring the worlds of the Polar Bear, Seal and Walrus.

1/25: Penguins

  •   Facts about Penguins, why don’t they fly?
  •   How Penguins communicate
  •   Where Penguins live

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

  • 1/04- n
  • 1/11- 0
  • 1/18-p
  • 1/25- q

Rhyming Words of the Week:

  • 1/04-car
  • 1/11-bear
  • 1/18-pin
  • 1/25-mug

Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

  •   While reading a book have your child point to all of the letter of the week she/he can find. Have them do this with the sight words as well. Play I‐Spy using things that only start with the letter of the week/ sight words.
  •   Go on a whale hunt! draw whales or print out whale pictures and hide them around your house. have your child count out how many whales they have found, or place them in different categories.
  •   While reading to your child have him/her pick out the sight word “am.” Go outside in the snow, fill a spray bottle with food coloring and water. have your child spray out the letters and sight words we have been talking about all month. also your child can create an Alaska theme using seals, polar bears, walruses, and penguins.

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