January 2015 Newsletter

January was a busy month in our classroom! We were so exited to welcome Giana, Tenleigh, and Hadley into our classroom! They fit right in and we all love having them be a part of our class! We also enjoyed diving back into working in our classroom!

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During the first week of January, we reviewed our classroom rules. We were reminded of how to carry a tray, how to walk on the line, and how to roll up our rugs. This was a great reminder coming back from a two week break, and a great introduction to our classroom for our new friends. Our returning friends were a great help to our new friends when it came to teaching them the rules of the classroom.


During the following week, we learned about Peacemakers. You might have heard your child talking about what it means to be a Peacemaker at home. We learned that a Peacemaker is someone who is kind, who helps others, who does not hurt others, who uses kind words, and does not argue with others. We talked about great Peacemakers, such as Maria Montessori, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Helen Keller. The children also all signed their own names to our “Peacemaker Promise” that you might have seen on the outside of our door.


We learned all about different types of art during the third week. We learned about Vincent Van Gough, and how he was a famous painter. The children also enjoyed learning about primary colors,making a mosaic flower, and making a collage of their favorite things.


We also learned all about the Five Senses, during the last week of the month. The children enjoyed learning about the parts of the ear and how we are able to hear. They also learned about our sense of sight as well. To illustrate how important our sense of sight is, Ms. Kim placed many different objects in the middle of our circle during preschool lesson and each child took turns being blindfolded and guessing which object Ms. Kim removed from the middle of the circle. What a great way to practice our observation skills! We also popped popcorn in an air popper. We learned that when making and eating popcorn, we can use all five of our senses. The children enjoyed describing what they heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and felt while making and eating the popcorn!


I hope you will take time to explore what we’ve learned with your child at home as well! When cooking, playing, eating, or taking a walk outside, discuss with your child which of their five senses they are using. Review with them what it means to be a Peacemaker, and ask them how they can be a Peacemaker at home. Take a trip to the Akron Art Museum as a family or create art together at home.



In music class this month, the children practiced using their soft, loud, high, and low voices to sing hello to Tina the Turtle, Jerry the Giraffe, and Nemo the Fish! Ms. Lisa began her Peter and the Wolf story. The children were introduced to the characters in the story and what musical instruments from the orchestra they are represented with on the CD. Most of the children could recognize when specific characters were coming up in the story. For example, as soon as they heard the flute they knew the bird was talking. Ms. Lisa left us wondering when the wolf is going to show up in the story. We will find out next week! We also had some fun listening and dancing to the music of Mozart. Ms. Lisa had the children dance with scarves and pretend to be little birds. Lastly, we sang some of our favorite songs such as “Baby Bumblebee”, “Wheels on the Bus”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.

In Science class this month, Mr. John came to our classroom to do a diaper experiment! First he showed the children his materials: a diaper, measuring cup with water, measuring cup without water, and paper towels. Then, he placed a paper towel in the empty measuring cup, and poured three ounces of water over top of the paper towel. He asked the children if they thought the water would stay in the paper towel if he turned the measuring up upside down over his head. No the water did not stay! It poured onto Mr. John’s head. The paper towel could not hold all of the water. Next, he placed the diaper into the empty measuring cup, and poured six ounces of water over top of the diaper. Did the water stay or pour out onto Mr. John’s head? The water stayed in the diaper! So, we decided to try twelve ounces of water. The water still did not pour out. Why? The diaper has a special chemical that absorbs and holds water. Glad we have these diapers for babies!

In Art class this month, the students began their imaginary creatures. This is a project that Ms. Michele spends a couple weeks on. During the first week, she showed the children pictures of mythological creatures and discussed the history of them. She also passed around colorful eggs and had the students brainstorm what creatures could come out of them. Next, the children picked two animals off Ms. Michele’s board to mix together. Their goal was to take characteristics from each animal to make a new imaginary animal. They drew and colored in these new creatures. During the second week, the children took these drawings and used them to help make the creatures with clay. Ms. Michele gave them foil to first mold the creatures bodies. Then the children covered the foil with white clay. Next week we will add color to our creatures and really make them come to life!

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In conclusion, I want to thank you for letting me serve your children. Maria Montessori believed that we, as directresses, are mainly observers and servants of the child, who She believed this so much, that she credited the children she worked with when she said, “It is not true that I invented whats called the Montessori Method. I have studied the child, I have taken what the child has given meand expressed it, and that is what is called the Montessori Method.”

I consider myself blessed to be an observer and servant of your child, and it is a true joy!

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