January, 2016

Courtney Owens


December was filled with many fun winter and Christmas activities.  We started the month off with focusing on practicing our songs for the Christmas program.  The students worked very hard to memorize the lyrics and to get the motions down just right.

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Our students created candy canes out of their fingerprints. We also made Rudolf pictures by tracing the students’ hands for the antlers and feet for the face. Next, we added a red nose and eyes to complete the reindeer.  The students also made a winter scene snow globe out of paper plates and sandwich bags. The students loved making Christmas tree ornaments out of sticks and ribbons and melted snowmen ornaments to put in their gift bags to parents.

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We all enjoyed the students’ show and tell items and they enjoyed sharing with the class. The children especially had fun wearing their pajamas to school and watching classic Christmas movies like The Grinch, Frosty, and Rudolph.

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The kids did an amazing job at the Christmas program and were the cutest misfit toys!


The kindergarteners worked hard on their journals and have no learned how to measure in inches and centimeters using a ruler and tape measure. They have been measuring many different objects in the classroom including their teachers and recording it.

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They also enjoyed the holiday season by making many holiday treats to share with their friends like rice krispy treats and sugar cookies.

We did a blubber science experiment by putting Crisco between two plastics bags, then putting our hand in and into freezing cold water. We learned the animals of the Arctic and Antarctic circles spend their lives surviving subfreezing air temperatures and frigid water. Their secret is blubber, a thick layer of body fat that comprises up to 50% of some marine mammals. The students were amazed at how different the water felt with and without the blubber glove.

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By: Ms. Breanna

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, and sing, we did! This month in music class we spent a little bit of time perfecting our songs for the Program, but after doing great work, we need some time to have fun and dance! We sang and danced with Ms. Lisa to songs such as Feliz Navidad, Dashing through the Snow, and Jingle Bells. She also brought her castinets, jingle bells, and other fun instruments to play as a band! We had a great time together playing and preparing with Ms. Lisa, and we hope you enjoyed our performance! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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By: Ms. Breanna

December marked the start of our figure drawing unit. We started the month off with creating foil figures and cutting shadows out of black paper for them. The next week, we got into the Christmas spirit by drawing ourselves as elfs working in Santa’s workshop. It was a short month for art, but it was filled with fun and excitement as we prepared for our Christmas Program!

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