Ms. Kristen’s December 2015 Monthly Overview

Themes of the Week (in addition to Montessori Work time)

11/30: Weather
Why does it snow? Why does it rain?
Charting the weather.
Conduct experiment about rain, using cotton balls.
Discuss dangerous types of weather, such as tornados, thunderstorms, etc.
Discuss how we dress for certain types of weather.

12/7: Parts Of The Orchestra/ Music
Learning about Woodwind, Brass, String, and Percussion sections of the Orchestra.
What is the job of the Conductor?
Listening to performances by famous instrumentalists.
Learning about Quarter Notes, Half Notes and Whole Notes.
Learning about some famous composers.

12/14: Holiday Symbols
All about Poinsettas.
All about Reindeer.
All about Evergreens.
All about Candy Canes.
Learn parts of the Poinsetta.

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.
12/1: Ll
12/7: Ff
12/14: Dd

Sight Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.
12/1: Let
12/7: Fit
12/14: Dog

Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

-Track the weather this month with your child. How many rainy, snowy, sunny, and cloudy days will there be?
-Listen to classical music together as a family.
-Envolve your child in making Christmas cookies, or in planning your Christmas dinner.
-While decorating your Christmas Tree, discuss with your child what they remembered learning about the Evergreen, and why it is a symbol of the Holiday Season.

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