Brandy and Beth’s Corner

Week 38

Students are busy creating their Ohio Indian time period on a new Ohio Indian Timeline for our classroom. On Friday, students put their time period onto the blank timeline for all to observe. The time periods consisted of facts, pictures and dates. Also, students are researching and building some models of Indian housing of their favorite Ohio Indian tribe.


Two more garden plots have been planted next to the playground, featuring peppers, tomatoes and many other edible selections. Quinoa and stevia are our native Indian plants we started from seed and are hoping to successfully grow. A wonderful parent volunteer brought the more mature edible plants, hoping we may get to try some of our produce before summer break. We will have to wait for the rest of our produce to be ready during the fall harvest, a great way to start back to school. Our parent volunteer worked with the students, guiding them in planting. Many students were surprised at their discovery of what manure is and that food is grown with a mixture of organic manure and matter.


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