Brandy and Beth’s Corner

Week 35 & 36

Our students traveled to the Natural History Museum for the last time this year. We learned about our Ohio Indians and Indians in general. Then students inspected real artifacts and models of homes that archaeologists use and work with at the Natural History Museum daily. The instructor showed the students how to flint knap which was how Indians made their spear points, arrow heads and knives with our famous Ohio flint. Back at school, students have been introduced to our Native Indian Timeline and the BC/AD (BCE/CE) Timeline so they can delve into the history of Indians more.

Moms and Muffins was a fun way to start a Friday and the mothers got to take home a handmade uniquely crafted box with each student’s picture topping it. Also, preparations for the up and coming Grandparent’s Day started. Students began a Sketchbook Challenge that will allow the students to try new Art Techniques and have a craft that can be finished with their guest that day. Many memories will be shared.

Week 37

The planting of the garden has started! We constructed a garden with metal parts from a manufacturer from this article Students worked very hard at turning up the hard soil in the garden with hand tools. Next they removed all of the weeds to have a fresh start, trying their best to get all of the roots to cut down on future weeding. The Elementary students planted our first seeds for our Three Sister’s Garden. Corn is the first plant and then pole beans [or peas] and squash [or pumpkins] will be added. The corn provides the pole beans a place to climb and the squash spreads to block out the weeds. The Indians used this technique for optimum growing and a balanced diet that provided protein when meat was not available. Ask your child about the story of The Three Sisters and learn more about the history of our American heritage!

Grandparents Day was amazing! Our guests joined us for Latin and then spent some special time with their invitee discussing and making art that shared cherished memories to keep. Next, our guests joined the Elementary in the classroom trying out a few favorite work choices. Science Experiment Cards, Math and Timelines were favorite choices.The day ended with a fabulous Musical Performance from the Elementary students that included piano and recorders.

Students have chosen their Ohio Indians Project topics this week and have had further lessons on our BCE/CE Timeline. Other lesson strands that students may have had lessons are Attraction and Gravity and also, Decimal Fractions. Many students have been very interested in working with Money and Multiplication facts.

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