Brandy and Beth’s Corner

Week 32

Students are self-focused on two major ideas this week: breaking a world record and giving back to others. A group of students attempted and completed a Checkerboard problem that had a multiplicand a little bit over a Googol and a 4-digit Multiplier. The category Googol contains 100 zeros to make its place value. Check out our pictures on Facebook! Also, Charity Sweetz is a fundraiser created by our students to raise money for people living in Mexico who need assistance; such as: food, housing and education.

Another big excitement was our fieldtrip for physical education to Sky Zone. Students jumped and flipped on trampolines, the place has some of the Best Trampoline Accessories you could dream of. Some students played basketball by shooting hoops and some flew like Micheal Jordan, trying to slam dunk with the aid of trampolines. Dodgeball was the most popular activity with teachers and students taking on some older Sky Zone visitors. The competition was high level with good sportsmanship!

Practice for the International Festival is underway. Students are practicing their songs and their lines. Also, students are creating International art for people to enjoy after the show with the generous helpings of food. The Bells and a choir will be featured as part of our Elementary Music program.

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