Ms. Kristen’s August/September 2016 Monthly Overview

Ms. Kristen’s August/September 2016 Monthly Overview

What I will learn this month in Ms. Kristen’s Class…
(In addition to Montessori Work Time)


8/22: Grace and Courtesy / Ground Rules

-Learning Control of Movement-Rolling A Rug, Carrying A Tray, and Carrying A Chair.

-Learning Grace And Courtesy- How to Introduce Yourself, How To Say Please And Thank You, How To Interrupt Another.

-Learning classroom rules.

-Discussing what it means to be kind to others and what are “kind words”.

-Making a “Kind Words Chain” in pre-school lesson.


8/29: Grace And Courtesy/Ground Rules

-Reading the book, “ The Bear That Was Chicken” and discussing with the children how they felt before coming to school and how they feel now about school.

-Lessons on saying “Excuse Me”, “I’m Sorry”, and “ Thank You”.

-Singing songs and playing game to review what we’ve learned about classroom rules and manners.

-Having the children write our classroom rules and display them in the classroom.

-Read the book “ There’s A Bird On Your Head”. Discuss how to speak to someone when we’re frustrated.


9/5: All About Me

“ Who’s Baby Picture Is This?” guessing game. (Be sure to send in a baby picture of your child with them this week.)
Discussing what makes each of us special: hair color, eye color, likes and dislikes, our birthdays, our names, our emotions, etc.

-Graphing our differences such as hair and eye color.

-Practicing saying our full names.

-Learning our birth dates.


9/12: All About Community Helpers

-All About Firefighters and Police Officers

-All About Doctors and Nurses

-All About Construction Workers

-All About Transportation Workers


What is a Community Helper?
-9/19 All About Apples

-Read the story “Little Bear’s Star”- Story about an apple.

-Sorting apples by size and color.

-Learning the fractions of one whole and one half using an apple.

-Taste testing different color apples and making a graph, as a class, of our favorites.

-Learning about the Life Cycle of the Apple /Apple Tree.


9/26 Friendship/ International Week Of The Deaf

-What are the qualities of a good friend?

-How do we share?

-Accepting each other.

-Learning about Deaf Culture and some words in ASL

-Making Friendship Bracelets together

-Learning a song in ASL


Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter sound wherever you go with your child.

8/22: Aa
8/29: Cc
9/5: Rr
9/12: Tt
9/19: ee ( As in feet, meet, and bee.)
9/26: oo (As in boot, hoot, and loot.)


Sight Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.

8/22: at
8/29: cat
9/5: rat
9/12: tap
9/19: bee
9/26: boot

Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

-While reading a book have your child point to all of the letter of the week she/he can find. Have them do this with the sight words as well. Play I-Spy using things that only start with the letter of the week.

-Discuss with your child what they learned about Community Helpers. How can your family help our community.

-While reading to your child, point out the sight words they are learning this month.

-Find a fun apple recipe to try as a family. Let your child practicing measuring the ingredients, assemble the ingredients, etc. Discuss with your child the other things that can be made with apples.

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