Academic Enrichment | week of October 30th | Tallmadge

During academic enrichment this week the kindergarten students were hard at work learning how to not only compose and retrieve numbers, but how to do static (no exchanging or carrying when adding)  addition using both the golden beads and the stamp game.

Composing Quantities: This child is practicing the sequence of numbers in the decimal system units, tens, hundreds, and thousands and recognizing what different quantities look like.
Addition: These children are using the golden beads to discover that when you put two small numbers together to get a larger number it is called addition.
Stamp Game: This child is using  the stamp game to do addition. It works like the golden beads but instead of unit beads there are unit stamps. Instead of ten bars there are ten stamps. Instead of hundred squares there are hundred stamps. Instead of thousand cubes there are thousand stamps.

A look into next week: Introduction to exchanging

  • Introduction of exchanging 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s
  • Using single units, 10 bars, 100 squares and 1000 cubes


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