Academic Enrichment | week of October 23rd | Tallmadge

This past week in academic enrichment the children were introduced to numerals and quantities of the decimal system using our golden bead materials. They discovered what the numerals look like for different quantities from 1 to 9000.


Introduction Tray: This child is learning the names of each category: units, tens, hundreds, and thousands and learning to identify the quantity and symbol.
Nine Tray: These children are learning equivalences i.e. ten units is the same as a ten bar. They are discovering that when they have a ten bar they have to move to a new place and can’t stay in the unit’s place anymore.
45 Layout: These children are visually able to see the association between quantities with the written symbols using the numerals and golden bead materials.

A look into next week: Introduction to addition

  • Working with 9 tray / 45 layout
  • Using single units, 10 bars, 100 square and 1000 cubes

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