Academic Enrichment October 2015 | Tallmadge Campus

Our Academic Enrichment time is daily from 12:00-1:00pm.  This time is specifically designed for our Kindergarten students to join together as a group to work and progress through the advanced materials and lessons in the Montessori primary curriculum. Throughout the school day in their classroom they are still working individually with their classroom teacher on these and other materials at their level.

9/28: Ohio and surrounding States

  • Ohio (location, characteristics, facts, abbreviation, flower, tree, mammal, fossil, flag)
  • Pennsylvania (nickname, abbreviation) Kentucky (nickname, abbreviation)
  • West Virginia (nickname, abbreviation) Indiana (nickname, abbreviation) Michigan (nickname, abbreviation)

10/5: Biggest (Solar System) to Smallest (your home)

  • Review hemispheres
  • Introduction to solar system and planets
  • Our continent, our country, state and county
  • City, street, address and phone numbers

10/12: Landforms

  • Island/Lake, Isthmus/Straight
  • Bay/Cape, Peninsula/Gulf
  • Archipelago/Chain of Lakes
  • Use of landform cards, and water trays

10/19: Telling Time

  • Parts of the clock
  • Telling time to the hour
  • Telling time to the half hour
  • Flashcards, Clock & Worksheets

10/26: Telling Time

  • Telling time to the quarter hour (quarter past/ quarter till)
  • Flashcards, Clock & Worksheets

Letters of the week

  • 9/28: Dd
  • 10/5: Ee
  • 10/12: Ff
  • 10/19: Gg
  • 10/26: Hh

Sight word of the week

  • 9/28: But
  • 10/5: Can
  • 10/12: Me
  • 10/19: I
  • 10/26: Go

Synonyms of the week

9/28: ACTIVE, lively, energetic, dynamic, vigorous, hasty
10/5: CALM, peaceful, quiet, inactive, serene, slow
10/12: HOT, burning, scorching, blazing, boiling, sizzling
10/19: COLD, freezing, chilly, frigid, frozen, cool
10/26: NEW, novel, fresh, original, unique, current, unused

Things to do at home this month to reinforce our themes:

Practice telling time on the clock at home. When you sit down to dinner, ask them to tell you what time it is, when they go to bed, have them check the clock. Have fun with Time!

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