Academic Enrichment .. Cuyahoga Falls Campus .. Week of 9/9/2019

Weekly Theme:
Hemispheres- We learned a few weeks ago the Earth is the shape of a sphere.  We are going beyond that and learning the Earth is divided into hemispheres.  Hemi means half or divided and sphere states the obvious. We have an imaginary line that runs east/west called the equator and an imaginary line the runs north/south called the Prime Meridian.  These lines divide the Earth into Hemispheres (northern hemisphere, eastern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, and western hemisphere).  we went further and identified the N.W. hemisphere, S.W. hemisphere, N.E. hemisphere, and N.W. hemisphere.

This student is being quized on the hemisperes.


We practiced writing  in cursive H h, I i, J j, K k.

Cultural Subjects:
We now can count to ten in 5 languages (English, Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect).

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: North America, countries and bodies of water

Synonym Of The Week:  Slow: unhurried, gradual, sluggish, stagnant, lethargic

Sight Words Of The Week: see her

Adding Italian to the languages


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