A Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of May 8, 2023

Our Focus Lesson: Flowers

This week the Cherry Blossoms studied flowers! This unit allowed us to review the parts of a plant and their important jobs – roots, stem, and leaves. We learned that flower petals are so colorful so that they can attract pollinators – which we will be learning all about next week! We also learned other parts of a flower; the calyx holds the flower to the stem, the stamens produce the pollen, and the pistil recieves the pollen from other flowers to make seeds.

We ended our week by using our 5 senses to explore flowers and then dissected them!

We looked at flowers, smelled flowers, touched flowers, and listened to flowers.
And then we dissected them to see what the insides of a flower look like!
We also “planted” flowers in Practical Life!

Our Preschool Lesson: Seeds

Our younger Blossoms learned about seeds this week! Plants all begin with a seed, so we learned what seeds need in order to grow – soil, sun, and water! We also learned about what happens when a seed sprouts into a plant – first the root grows down, then the stem grows up, and finally the plant grows leaves! We reviewed the special jobs that all of those parts of a plant do.

Blossoms also had a chance to observe different types of seeds in plants that we eat at home! We explored an apple, an avacado, a lemon, and a strawberry. We were very surprised to learn that the seeds of a strawberry are on the outside of the fruit, not on the inside like the others!

Our little scientists observed different types of seeds found in fruits this week.
They then wrote down their observations.
This young preschooler is creating her All About Seeds book during our work time.

Kindergarten Lesson:

Our older Blossoms continued their grammar symbol lessons with Mr. John this week, and continued their Poetry Books with Ms. Kelley and Ms. Tonya. They are writing the final drafts of their poems and created the covers of their poetry books this week. They can’t wait to put their final books of the year together!

Check out these beautiful poetry book covers!


The weather was so nice this week that we had our first picnic outside!

Yay for sunshine and warm weather!

Yoga and Music Recitals!

We had a special visit from Ms. Amanda and Ms. Brittany from The Wellness Den this week! We participated in an animal inspired yoga class and enjoyed stretching and acting like elephants, cheetahs, spiders, and much more!

Two of our Blossoms also showcased what they have learned in their piano classes this school year! We loved listening to them play and cheering them on from the audience!

Stretch all the way up to the sunshine!
Swing those trunks like an elephant!
So proud of our friends that performed at the piano recital!
They did an amazing job!

Butterflies and Killdeer Nests!

Our butterflies hatched out of their chrysalis this week!!!! We were so lucky that three of them hatched during the school day and we were able to see them as soon as they came out. We watched as they dried their weeks and observed the extra color that drips off of their wet wings. We can’t wait to release them next week!

We also were lucky enough to observe a Killdeer mother and her nest this week. We watched as she puffed herself up and called to us to stay away as we walked past her nest to play in our outdoor space. Sadly, by Friday, our Killdeer mother and father birds were nowhere to be found and the nest had been abandonded. We talked about how sometimes that will happen when birds feel unsafe.

Painted Lady Butterflies are so beautiful!
Observing the butterflies right after they came out of their chrysalis!
Taking a closer look!
Mama Killdeer sitting on her nest!

Peek into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Pollinators

Preschool Lesson: Insects

Kindergarten Lessons: Interjections and Poetry!

Important Dates:

May 24 – Kindergarten Graduation 4pm

May 25 – Last Day of School! Bash & Splash school event!

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