A Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of March 20, 2023

Our Focus Lesson: Outer Space

This week we learned all about Outer Space! We studied the eight planets found in our solary system, learned about orbits, talked about the sun and the moon, were introduced to asteroids and comets, and were in awe of pictures of our galaxy. Your children now know that Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are rock planets while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are gas giants. They know that Saturn’s rings are made of pieces of rock and ice, Venus is the hottest planet, and that Pluto is now one of our Solar System’s dwarf planets. We really loved our lessons this week!

Our Preschool Lesson: Layers of the Earth

Ms. Sam and our preschool students took a deep look at our planet, Earth. They learned the layers of our planet from the crust that we live on to the incrediably hot inner core! We ended the week taking a look at the Stromboli Volcano off the coast of Italy. Preschoolers learned that the mantle is made up of magma, but when it comes out of a volcano we then call it lava!

Kindergarten Lessons:

During Kindergarten Lesson this week, our older Blossoms were introduced to nouns and verbs. We know that nouns are a person, place, or thing and that verbs are action words or something that you do. During Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, kindergarteners continued their study of poetry with Ms. Kelley and Ms. Tonya. They practiced writing an Alliteration Poem about Spring together as a group, and created a rough draft of their 5 Senses Poem about a topic of their choosing!

“Spring. I see flowers. I hear birds tweet.”

Indoor Recess Skills

We practiced some different gross motor skills in the gym this week during Indoor Recess. We participated in a bean bag toss game, practiced our hula hooping skills, had fun bouncing and catching a ball, and learned how to jump rope! We also danced around to Baby Shark!

One Last Cozy Day Before Spring Break!

We ended our cozy pajama day with a snack and a movie! We watched Space Buddies to celebrate our lessons this week!

Peek Into Next Week!


School resumes on Monday, April 3!

Focus Lesson & Preschool Lesson: Continents

Kindergarten Lesson: Articles

Important Dates:

Friday, April 7: Early Release 12pm for Good Friday

Monday, April 10: No School for Easter Monday

Wednesday, April 26: International Festival Rehearsal

Friday, April 28: International Festival!

Bring Your Parent to Work Days: There are only 4 more Bring Your Parent to Work Dates this school year! Sign up and come observe your child at work!


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