A Peek into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 2/20/23

Our Focus Lesson – Winter

We have spent the past two weeks learning about the season of Winter… which was a tad challenging this year with our current weather. However, we made the most of it! We reviewed the Four Seasons and talked about what is special about Winter. The cold temperatures, the snow, how trees are dormant , and what different animals do.

We also read some fun books about snowmen and The Mitten by Jan Brett!

We had snow much fun reading these books this week! Did you know there is a hidden mouse on every page?
We practiced retelling the story of The Mitten by coloring and cutting out the animals and mitten from the story. We hope you enjoy the children’s retelling at home this weekend!

Preschool Lesson – Hibernation, Migration, Adaptation

Ms. Sam taught us all about hibernation, migration, and adaption over the past couple weeks! We read the story Under and Over the Snow as we learned what types of animals sleep all winter long, which animals fly south for the winter, and which animals stay here and adapt to the cold weather. We enjoyed watching our fluffy sparrows outside at our bird feeder adapt to the temperature. We also thought about why we would love to hibernate. But alas, people adapt.

“I would love to hibernate because I would like to go to sleep all day.”

Kindergarten Lessons

Kindergarteners were introduced to Fractions this week during Kindergarten Lesson. They also ended the week with a special Skittles surprise from Mr. John!

Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop celebrated this week with an Author’s Share! Each Kindergartener chooses one book that they have written recently, sits in the Author’s Chair, and reads their book to the class. They did so well reading to their friends!

This Kindergartener is reading her book The Trail to other Kindergarten friends.

Enrichment Spotlight – Art with Ms. Varela

We continued out pottery study this week, by drawing and coloring our stories on paper.

Peek into Work Time

This young Blossom is working with the Metal Insets. She is strengthening her fine motor skills by tracing inside the pink part of the inset and by tracing the outside of the blue part of the inset. She is also reinforcing her knowledge of this shape’s name.
This older Blossom is also working with the Metal Insets. This child is now using two shapes to create designs with the metal insets. He traces inside and outside of the inset, and then fills the design with different types of lines to further develop those fine motor skills.
This child is exploring the concept of Heavy and Light with the parts of a snowman! We weighed snoman eyes, a snowman nose, a snowman mouth, and a snowman scarf!
Look how proud this Blossom is! He completed the 100 Board for the very first time! We absolutely LOVE these kinds of smiles!
Out Kindergarteners participate in “Buddy Reading” each week. They have a bag of books that are perfect for them, and they practice reading those books out loud to Mr. Gnome and Mrs. Gnome in the classroom. They absolutely love to share these books with our classroom gnomes!

Peek into Next Week!

Focus Lesson: Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Week!

Monday: Wear crazy socks!

Tuesday: Wear your favorite hat!

Wednesday: Dress wacky!

Thursday: Wear green!

Important Dates:

March 26-March 31: Spring Break – No School!

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