A Peek Into the Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of 1/9/2023

Our Focus Lesson: Healthy Foods & The 5 Food Groups

Our class learned all about Healthy Foods this week! We talked about how healthy foods give us energy to play, learn, and grow! We also spent some time this week talking about Healthy Foods and Sometimes Foods.

We spent time discussing each of the 5 food groups as well this week. We talked about how these food groups grow and examples of each one. We took time at lunch to find the food groups that we brought to school. But the best part of the week was preparing our own snack each day! Thank you so much to the parents that donated food for snack this week!

We started the week with Dairy Foods! We ate yogurt tubes and yummy cheese cubes!
Our second day was Grains! We did so well spreading butter onto slices of bread. Who doesn’t love bread and butter?
Wednesday was Fruits! We practiced peeling bananas, as well as cutting bananas and apple slices.
We added all of the fruits together to make fruit salad! It was our favorite snack of the week!
Thursday was Vegetables! We peeled carrots.
And chopped celery.
And enjoyed our vegetables with hummus and ranch dressing!
On the last day of the week, we learned about Proteins! We also practiced our spreading skills some more as we spread peanut butter onto crackers!

Kindergarten Lessons:

Kindergarteners learned Multiplication in Kindergarten Lesson this week. In Handwriting, they started their study on bump letters by forming the letters n and m. In Reader’s Workshop our older Blossoms practiced phonemes and isolating the middle sounds of words. And in Writer’s Workshop our authors worked on sentence structure!

Enrichment Spotlight: Science with Mr. John

There was so much giggling during this week’s science experiment! Why does a diaper hold more water than a paper towel?

Peek Into Next Week:

Focus Lesson: Healthy Habits

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