A Peek into our Week – Cherry Blossom Classroom – week of August 28, 2023

Our Focus Lesson:

We continued to work on Expected Behaviors within the classroom and the school this week. The children are quickly learning the routines and are staying busy during our work periods!

Preschool Corner:

Preschoolers were busy this week! Ms. Sam introduced our younger students to the prelanguage materials in Language and one to one correspondence in Math. Older preschool students worked with both teachers on composing numbers in the teens and tens in Math, letter sounds in Language, and name writing in Handwriting. They’re all doing great!

Ms. Sam is giving a lesson to a group of preschoolers on the characteristics of living and non-living.
This preschooler is working with our cursive booklets. The child traces various shapes to develop their fine motor skills and prepare for cursive handwriting.
This preschooler is playing “I Spy” with a teacher. Our “I Spy” objects allow the child to practice isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words – an important stepping stone on the way to reading!

Kindergarten Corner:

Kindergarteners had a very busy week this week. They began their Kindergarten Lessons within the classroom where they were introduced to the continents, golden bead materials, the types of triangles, and writing their names in cursive. They worked individually on their reading skills with their teachers and are bringing home books to read at home this weekend! Kindergarteners also traveled to Writer’s Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, and Science Lab this week!

This is what our Kindergarten Lessons look like! Children are learning the names of the different continents, reviewing land and water, and being introduced to some fun facts about each continent.
Here are our Cardinals during Writer’s Workshop! We brainstormed ideas of what we could write about this school year and started our first illustrations!


A very Happy Birthday to our newest 6 year old!

A Peek into Work Time!

This child was very interested in the Sandpaper Globe so we followed the child’s interest and had a lesson! She was introduced to land and water on our planet, but she just really loved how “rough” the sandpaper felt on her fingers!
This child is all smiles as she has mastered the Spindle Box! She has a better understanding of the correlation between quantity and symbol and is now ready to be introduced to a new Math activity!

Enrichment Spotlight!

Our first Music Class with Ms. Lisa on Monday! We sang songs and danced a bit too!
Our first Art Class with Ms. Varela on Tuesday! We worked on pasting paper on a line!
Our first Science Class with Mr. John! We started the year with a chemical reaction, creating carbon dioxide and filling a balloon!

A Peek Into Next Week!

Our Focus Lesson: Living and Non-Living Characteristics

Important Dates:

September 4 – No School/Labor Day

September 11 – Tae Kwon Do Demo

September 20 – Picture Day

September 22 – Ramseyer Farm Field Trip

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