October 2014 Monthly Overview

Themes of the Week
(in addition to Montessori Work time)

09/29:    Down On The Farm

  • Learning ASL farm animal signs
  • Learning what animals live on a farm
  • Life cycle of the chicken
  • Making butter, learning about other foods made from milk
  • Sink or float experiment with eggs

10/6:      Healthy Eating

  • Learning about the food pyramid
  • Learning about foods that are beneficial for our bodies and what is “junk food”
  • Learning the difference between fruits and vegetables
  • Making a healthy snack as a class
  • Singing songs that reinforce healthy food choices

10/13:    All About Spiders

  • Learning the parts of the spider
  • Stories about spiders-”The Very Busy Spider” by Eric Carl, and we’ll begin reading “Charlotte’s Web
  • Discuss the ways spiders are helpful
  • Discussing the difference between arachnids and insects
  • Learn about the spider life cycle

10/20:    All About Bats

  • Learning the parts of the bat
  • Reading “Stellaluna”
  • Learning about echolocation, and how it helps certain species of bats see
  • Ven Diagram comparing bats to birds
  • Making a “bat cave”

10/27      All About Pumpkins/Halloween

  • Discuss how pumpkins grow and the pumpkin life cycle
  • Discuss what we can make with pumpkins
  • Decorating our own white pumpkin in class using crayons
  • Taste testing pumpkin pie
  • Singing songs about Halloween and Pumpkins
  • Halloween Party Friday, October 31st! 

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.
9/29: Pp
10/6: Yy
10/20: Ii
10/27: ie

Sight Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.
9/29: Pig
10/6: Yes
10/13: Sit
10/20: It
10/27: Pie

Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

  • Plan a healthy meal as a family. Include your child in the preparation.
  • Ask your child to show you some of the ASL signs they’ve learned for farm animals.
  • While reading to your child, point out the sight words they are learning this month.
  • Pick out a pumpkin together with your child. Discuss with them what they have learned about how pumpkins grow, what foods we can make with pumpkin, etc.