November, 2014

Kate Case

Themes of the Week

(in addition to Montessori Work time)

11/03: Weather

  • Clouds (cumulus, cumulonimbus and cirrus) and sky watching
  • Different types of weather. How snow is formed, precipitation, thunderstorms and wind
  • Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and blizzards
  • Rainbows, ROYGBIV

Afternoon lesson:  Various weather crafts, reinforcing the letter “j” and the calendar

11/10: Being Healthy

  •  Monday 11/11 NO SCHOOL | Teacher In Service Day (Parent/Teacher Conferences All Day 8am‐7pm)
  •  How can we keep healthy, what foods can we eat
  •  Food groups, Healthy habits and exercise
  •  What are germs, how are they spread?

Afternoon lesson: Healthy crafts and games, healthy choice snacks, reiterating the letter “k” and calendar

11/17: All About Dinosaurs

  •  Different types of Dinosaurs
  •  Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores
  •  Fossils
  •  Extinction

Afternoon lesson: Different dinosaurs crafts, types of dinosaurs, dinosaur movement songs, reinforcing the letter “L” and calendar.

11/24: History of Thanksgiving

  •  Mayflower, Pilgrims
  •  Native Americans and Squanto
  •  What are we thankful for
  •  Thanksgiving Feast 11/26 (11:00‐12:00pm) 12:00pm Early Dismissal (No Aftercare)
  •  Thursday/Friday NO SCHOOL—Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Afternoon lesson:  Thanksgiving crafts and songs, reinforcing the letter “M” and calendar.

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

11/03: Jj
11/10: Kk
11/17: Ll
11/24: Mm

Sight Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.

11/03: green
11/10: brown
11/17: white
11/24: yellow

Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

  •  While reading a book have your child point to all of the letter of the week she/he can find. Have them do this with the sight words as well. Play I‐Spy using things that only start with the letter of the week/ sight words.
  •  Record the weather daily (make it into a weather journal). Create a weather collage out of magazines. Have your child cut out clothing and objects/toys they would wear or use for the different types of weather.
  •  Have your child help you with your grocery list. Cook dinner together!
  •  Make a book about all of the things you and your family are thankful for. Share your book with your family on Thanksgiving Day.
  •  Explore your neighborhood. See if you can find any fossil plant prints on rocks in your yard or neighborhood.